Welcome to my JLTObservatory home page. I live in Lithia Springs Georgia, well actually I live the majority of my time in the Deerlick Astronomy Village where I have a second house and an observatory and a few other buildings. I stared out as an visual observer and just about a year ago got the astroimaging bug and after a huge learning curve, I’m finally getting into it in a major way. To see a list of my current equipment look at my Equipment page. A few friends and I after searching for some really dark skies nearby Atlanta decided to start our own astronomy village. In 2004 we purchased a 96 acre tract of land in Taliaferro County where the skies are very dark. We have developed 26 lots (average are 2 acres) where folks are building observatories and homes.  In addition to the lots we have sold, we developed a 10 acre special-use area called Grier’s Field, which is used by amateur astronomers, clubs and hosting special events. We have members from all over the country who come to our site to camp for the weekend and attend our special events. like the annual Peach State Star Gaze (PSSG) on Grier’s Field. You can learn more about DAV by visiting our website at: DeerlickGroup.com Thanks again for visiting my site and clear skies! Jerry Tarter Deerlick Astronomy Village ©2010 JLT Observatory. All rights Reserved Welcome Clear Sky Clock JLT Obsevatory

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